Arca Blanca Recognised at MCA Awards

30th July 2020

Arca Blanca Recognised at MCA Awards

Disruption is a word in every consultant’s vocabulary, but seldom do consultants think about disrupting their own. Sitting around the dining table of one of the co-founders, this is exactly why Arca Blanca was formed.

Arca Blanca has a mission to disrupt the management consulting industry by delivering better outcomes, faster and with greater precision. By combining leading thinking on business transformation and the best data science techniques, we actively chose to solve the most complex business problems at the top of CEO agendas.

The transformation director of Ocado summarised it as follows:

As an ex-consultant I know consultants pretty well, and I can truly say, I have never worked with consultants like Arca Blanca before.


Our results first approach: design thinking in action

Our approach launches and scales transformations quickly, with an unrelenting focus on results. Using lean start-up methods such as Minimum Viable Products, agile working, incubating a start-up and accelerating a scale-up, we drive high value for our clients with minimal resources.

The COO of McCarthy and Stone explains:

Arca Blanca have played a critical role in setting up and driving the rental incubator. Their approach and people hugely accelerated the time it would have taken us to get this working, to get momentum, and to roll it out.


Leveraging client knowledge with ours

Solving CEOs’ biggest issues is a privilege and a challenge. We know that no two companies are the same; so while we have well documented approaches, we learn and adapt our ways of working depending on the client situation and background. Diversity in thinking is the true recipe to solving every client problem.

Enabling our people to prosper and grow

Working with business leaders on the most challenging issues and achieving our ambition needs a high-calibre team. Our team bring together decades of transformation consulting experience across FTSE 350 and privately owned companies. Our integrated team also includes leading data scientists – one of whom helped to build the world’s biggest knowledge graph. This combination sets the AB leadership apart from other consultancies and demonstrates our commitment to make our vision a reality.

Pushing the boundaries of consulting requires stretching the thinking and abilities of our consultants, in turn meaning a rapid path to progress – something our consultants love. The cognitive diversity we build in our cohesive case teams is what allows us to deliver exceptional client outcomes.

As one of our senior consultants put it, describing what it feels like to be a part of AB:

I feel a powerful sense of community and trust that gives me confidence and support to achieve objectives both for clients and me personally.


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