A customer data and experience platform

The Challenge

Business was seeking to become more customer-centric and data-led

A Customer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP) was being implemented, though questions remained on if it was the right solution

Alignment between business and technology delivery was needed

A leading software company was facing systemic decline in demand for its products. Recognising that it needed to become more customer-centric and more data-led, the business decided to implement a customer data platform. The objective was to have a single and timely view of the customer,  with one-to-one customer communications and journeys to drive ‘hyper’ personalisation and optimise the customer experience. Across the business there was uncertainty as to whether the CDXP was the right solution and had been designed in the right way in order to drive the desired outcomes.

The Results

Enable $30m in benefits on a 3yr. customer data roadmap

Reset and re-designed rollout to deliver early and sustained benefits

Execute cross-functional activities to deliver an orchestrated, real-time, E2E customer journey


Delivering ‘hyper’-personalisation through a CDXP

The Arca Blanca team conducted a deep dive across different business stakeholders to identify opportunities to improve the CDXP solution and rollout. The team assessed against nine critical success factors to diagnose where there were risks and blockers across the vision, plan, governance, solution design and implementation. A clear action plan was activated to reset the programme with a focus on delivering early benefits and ensuring the CDXP would facilitate the business’ shift to become more customer-centric and data data-led.


I really liked the practical approach of the AB team all through the engagement. We now have a personalisation roadmap we can believe in, and our stakeholders are starting to see the benefit.

Director, Customer Experience and Personalisation

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