Creating the fast-fashion platform of the future

The Challenge

Complex fashion network delivering over 1m items of clothing each day

Revenue doubled to >$1bn in past 5-years and aspiration to reach $2bn

Profit margins reducing due to rising production costs and lower prices

Economies of scale hampered by poor data and lack of insight

Our client is one of the world’s largest and most ethical fashion networks. Every day, it delivers over one million items of clothing to 200 of the world’s largest fashion brands through a global network of 50 offices in 18 countries, supported by over 18,000 colleagues. Despite tremendous revenue growth, the group has seen margins reduce due to rising costs and lower prices. They needed greater economies of scale and to add superior value to partners and customers.

The Results

Complete business and data platform designed, and aligned to aspiration

Core competency opportunities included 3D printing and virtual sampling

New ecosystem approach agreed by largest participants’ CEOs

Roadmap saved tens of millions of pounds in up-front investments


investment saved while delivering greater benefits faster

Arca Blanca was challenged to look ahead 10 years and determine what the client’s future fashion value chain should look like. The result was a complete rethink about how the fashion value chain would work. The network should become a business platform, that allowed its ecosystem of partners to plug in new capabilities and access valuable data-led insights. We laid out a clear roadmap, which saved tens of millions of pounds in investment.


The rise of fast-fashion has created a complex multi-billion-pound networks of apparel retailers, product designers, fabric suppliers and garment manufacturers. One of the largest and fastest growing networks challenged Arca Blanca to look ahead 10 years and rethink the fashion value chain. We designed an ecosystem that incorporates leading technologies.

Vignesh Chandran, Partner, Arca Blanca

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