Data With A Difference

Some data is more equal than others

We use our business expertise to identify only the necessary internal and external data, configuring nimble solutions from advanced technologies at a surprising speed.

Listen to Arca Blanca CTO, Giuseppe Saltini, on our data-driven approach.

Outcome-led data design

We work with data differently; starting with the end in mind to select what’s most relevant and producing reliable datasets that will drive your decision-making capabilities. Having identified your levers of growth, our Tracer Bullet approach pragmatically prioritises the initiatives for rapid and tangible change.


Innovation with application

We leave our clients with bespoke tools which are designed to drive performance and operational change. These are embedded into business design to effectively change ways of working – creating change that is sustainable.


Technology that works for you

Few companies need or can afford big permanent data science teams. Our work shows that applying machine learning to your back-end systems and optimising your internal processes are activities that can be achieved with limited investments and outsourced support, whilst delivering clear business value.