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We combine deep industry knowledge with cross-industry best practices to unlock opportunities for growth, profit and value-creation.

Retail & Consumer

Becoming more competitive using creative problem solving and data science

Forward-thinking retailers are investing in AI-driven solutions to streamline and ‘hyper’-personalise the customer experience, take out cost and meet their ESG obligations.

Applying AI has huge potential benefits, but AI investments too often fail to deliver actual business gains.

In today’s fiercely competitive economy, retailers need investments that pay for themselves in weeks, not years.

Arca Blanca and the wider Artefact network have used data science and advanced AI to deliver £millions in margin improvement across the highly competitive retail sector.

We offer a unique combination of strategic consultancy, sector knowledge and advanced data and technical expertise.

Our practical, value-driven approach focuses on the most critical high-value strategic and high-frequency operational decisions that retailers need to make.

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