Meet our data science intern: Antra Tripathi

17th November 2022
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Felipe Parra-Avila

Meet our data science intern: Antra Tripathi

Meet the latest of our Data Science interns - Antra Tripathi. Antra just finished her masters in Big Data Science at Queen Mary University. Prior to her studies, Antra worked as a junior Data Scientist for a consultancy firm in India. She discovered Arca Blanca's intern programme on her university career portal and was attracted to the fact that Arca Blanca, "isn’t a traditional consultancy, but a firm that is heavily data driven".

Antra was looking for an internship that would give her the opportunity to understand how the UK market works, understand business culture and gain experience in a more commercial environment where she would be able to put into practice what she learnt during her masters. 

Since joining Arca Blanca, Antra has been working on real-life business problems, exploring the data strategy of our clients to discover how machine learning can help them capitalise on commercial opportunities. Most recently, she has been analysing big sets of data to understand and explore potential solutions to our client’s problems. 

In a disproportionately male industry, Antra has enjoyed the equal opportunities on offer at Arca Blanca. Her advice for young female data scientists is to, "put your names forward, be consistent and keep learning".

Our Data Science Internship is open to anyone with with experience or education in a data science or adjacent field. Get in touch at if you think it might be right for you.

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