TechVets & Arca Blanca: our mission upskilling veterans

26th October 2022

TechVets & Arca Blanca: our mission upskilling veterans

Arca Blanca recently partnered with TechVets, a leading not-for-profit within the Forces Employment Charity that delivers training to veterans to accelerate their transition into civilian life. Over the course of six intense weeks, our data science experts taught participants the mechanics underpinning AI and machine learning. This provided them with the ability to build, test and run their own machine learning models, effectively taking them from ‘zero to hero’ in the discipline.

Veterans in the private sector

It’s no secret that veterans represent one of the most capable target demographics for private sector recruitment – but arming transitioning service members with the right tools can be a challenge. Veterans at Arca Blanca highlight this issue, saying that, "while many companies have unique and helpful initiatives of their own, most don’t transfer any hard skills”. 

Given Arca Blanca’s unique value proposition and blend of team member backgrounds, our ESG Committee and data science team was able to quickly design and deliver a course to meet this need. Participants not only received taught lessons but were also tested and challenged on the practical application of concepts designed to highlight the commercial 'so what?’. 

Transitioning from the military - even from a role in analysis - is overwhelming. There is so much available that it is difficult deciding where to invest in gaining relevant and in-demand skills. This course really helped, providing an opportunity to speak with experts working in the field and an appreciation of what the industry wants and where it's going.

-Recent trainee

An initiative that matters

Working with an organisation like TechVets is a way for businesses to influence the bottom line and create value. Arca Blanca strongly believes that a key ingredient of maintaining an equitable society is to ensure well-laid paths of progression for those that serve. By playing our small part in serving our veterans, we strengthened our values as an organisation. 

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